Baby soft children (quadruple roll lasts even longer!)

I was at Target yesterday, perusing the toilet paper selection.  Regular, sandpaper, super ultra deluxe mega quilted 36 pack that was bigger than my car- the decision was not an easy one.  Pressed for time, I grabbed the $1.19 Angel Soft.  (If I’m going to spend twelve dollars on toilet paper, well, that can’t be rushed.)  Yet it had no aloe, no triple ply, no basketweave texture- could it really be right for us?

I took all of 15 hours for my oldest son to accidently drop an entire unused roll directly in to the toilet.

As I gazed at the sodden lump melting on top of the trash can, I felt oddly consoled by the fact that the humble little roll was only twenty nine cents plus tax.  The pennies were negligible, but rather it was the theory of it all.  When push came to shove in the paper products aisle, my mothering instincts did not fail me!  Now if only they should work so well the rest of the time… 


April 9, 2008. Uncategorized.

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