My husband suggested that my writing needs “content”.  That I need to write about something.  Content?  Why on earth would I want to write using actual content?  What’s next?  Checking my spelinng?  Grammatical correctness?  Not manipulating the english language to suit my own purposes? (Why yes, my fabulosity is off the charts, thank you for noticing.  Why no, ‘fabulosity’ is not actually included in my Webster’s New Pocket Dictionary, they must have accidentally forgotten it.)

Ha!  I laugh in the face of content!  My life has too much content already, why would I want to add more?  That would just be silly.  Not to mention that when one gets their informative, hard-hitting news from People magazine, the idea of content is open to interpretation.   


April 17, 2008. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. The Husband replied:

    I was waiting to comment on your spelin, but since you mention it… You’re right, you alone are more than enough content! 🙂

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