Dental discomfiture

Michael lost his top front tooth this weekend.  Good gravy on a tater tot, was I glad to see THAT thing go.  His bottom teeth gradually loosened themselves, and then popped out like gentlemen.  Very civilized, in a tooth-fairy, what-a-big-boy! kind of way.  In comparison his top tooth was a freakish he-beast circus sideshow catastrophe.  The freer it became, the more it stuck straight out of his mouth at a ninety degree angle.  Firmly stuck- I couldn’t even push it back down.  Horribly horizontal!  Even when he closed his mouth, the tooth would protrude directly through his lips. 

Medically speaking, I am not generally squeamish.   When a two-year-old Matthew needed stitches on his cheek I held his head and watched, fascinated (just like embroidering a pillow!)  Vomit does not even bother me (which is useful, daddy has a ‘delicate constitution’.)  So it was mildly distressing to have my beloved first born smile at me and feel my stomach slowly roll over with the heebiejeebies.  That innocuous little tooth totally creeped me out (although naturally his brothers found it awesome.)  The bloody gaping hole is such a vast improvement, I can’t even tell you.

It did not last too long, this hideous oddity, maybe a week or so?  Which was plenty long enough to ensure that the snaggletooth was present for school picture day, of course.  At least he will be easy to identify (“Why, there is my son!  The one that looks inbred!”)


April 29, 2008. Uncategorized.

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