I have no interest in jumping out of airplanes, whether pink parachute or puce parachute

Please tell us, Jennifer, why did you pick the name “Pinkparachute”?  We are trembling with suspense, and can not rest until we have the answer!

For starters, it was conceived out of laziness.  I needed a user name, and did not feel like postulating on something deep, or inventing something catchy, or what have you.  An image drifted past my brain, so I impulsively grabbed it.  (Ha ha, get it?!  Drifted?  Parachute?) (Everyone else needs a licence to drive.  I think I should need a licence to type.)

So anyway, in my vision I saw a minefield of hot wheels, worm guts, muddy sneakers, abandoned science projects, crumpled paper airplanes, action figures (in other words, my living room), and above it all I floated, clutching my pink parachute.  My daily life is steeped in so much boyness that sometimes I have to remember that I am me.  (Wow, how profound.)

There is, I’m sure, a more involved concept percolating through the inner workings of my mind that has something to do with being drained by four boys and life in general, and using writing as a parachute to lift me from despair and so on, but honestly my brain is just too tired to put it all together right now.

So that is all!  I did not want worm guts on my feet.  Although in the interest of full disclosure, I do not allow worms in the living room, anything that is alive and not human or cat stays outside.  Fear not though, because even outside we still have a healthy supply of worm guts.  And smashed ants.  The twins are either normal three-year-old boys, or diabolical killers, I have not yet ascertained which.


May 15, 2008. Uncategorized.

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