I’m too busy to check pockets. They are probably empty anyway. Right?

I have just returned from spending $60 on various cleaning supplies.  Specifically laundry cleaning supplies.  Because somehow I managed to wash and dry THREE full loads of laundry with a black crayon.  After the second load I was sure I had found all that was left of the crayon.  Except that obviously I had not, as it decimated the third load.  How is it that one little crayon can manage to melt all over one hundred small items of clothing?  Every last sock!  Not ONE THING was spared!  Amazing!  The nice people I found via google swear that the pile of products I purchased will remove EVERY TRACE of crayon.  We shall see.

On the bright side, I am completely caught up on the laundry, so I have plenty of time to spend rewashing clothes that I barely managed to wash the first time.    

(I think I pulled a muscle gasping with laughter.)

For anyone not familiar with my special brand of humor, “completely caught up on the laundry” means “except for the SEVENTEEN loads I have not washed yet”. 

(Of course I’m exaggerating.  It’s probably no more than fifteen.)


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