Laundry Part 2, or I Was Not A Math Major

This is my SECOND post about laundry!  Now one might say “Jeez, Jennifer, of all the boring things to write about, laundry is the boringist.”  After congratulating you on your creative new word I would say that although laundry may be boring, I’m writing about MY laundry, which is far more interesting than “regular” laundry!

So the Googlites magic formula worked okayishly.  A lot of the crayon came out, some things are still speckled black so if you see children walking around that appear to be covered in mold, they would belong to me.

In case you were curious, the magic formula that removed EVERY TRACE of crayon from everyone’s laundry but mine was 2 capfuls of detergent, 1 cup of oxiclean and 1 cup of borax.  Your clothes get Really Really Clean, that is if they do not disintegrate first, which is entirely possible, so I’m not necessarily recommending this.

Now I generally try to stay as far away from math as is humanly possible, but in honor of it being the last day of  school (nooo!) I will throw down a problem just for fun.

                        Let’s say someone named “Jennifer” has fifteen loads of laundry to do.  That could be three loads a day for five days, or five loads a day for three days.  But then six people wearing clothes make almost another load per day.  And if today is Thursday, add it all up and divide it to find out how many loads will be washed by Sunday, and how many will be left over for next week.  (Or multiply.  Whatever.  I said I’m not a math person.)

                         If you said 1.5 loads would be washed, and 27 will be left over, then you are correct!  You would win a prize!  If there was a prize, which there is not.  Because that would require effort, and effort requires energy, and if I ever happen to stumble upon any energy I will need to spend it on laundry.


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