Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. Unless the man is me, then he is just tired.

     (Note- I am super lucky in that all four of my children are awake by 5:45 am EVERY DAY.)

So I think I mentioned that yesterday was the last day of school (nooo!)  We made it all the way to 6:52 am this morning before the first “I’m boooored.  What can I doooooo?” was heard.  Although my brain was far more asleep than it was awake, I gave a helpful list of suggestions:

     1. Read a library book

     2. Make an art project

     3. Play your gameboy

     4.Ride your bike

     5. Draw a father’s day card

     6. Construct a marble track

     7. Color with sidewalk chalk

     8. Clean your bedroom

     9. Scrub the kitchen

     10. Serve me lemonade and fan me whilst I recline on the couch and peruse celebrity gossip magazines

However, naturally, I got the requisite “I don’t waaana do any of thooose things.”  So I attentively inquired “What would you like to do?”  Or more accurately, as it was not yet seven o’clock in the morning, mumbled “Whayouwannadozzz (snore)”  He had a few ideas:

     1. Go to the movies!

     2. Play miniature golf!

     3. Go bowling!

     4. Visit ChuckECheese!

     5. Swim in a pool!

     6. Buy something [expensive] from the toy store!

     7. Go to the zoo!

     8. Visit Disney World!

     9. Try hang gliding!

     10. At 6:53 am!

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that I am the MEANEST MOMMY IN THE WORLD for not pouncing on one of those excellent suggestions.  I also don’t need to mention that it is going to be a very long summer


So someone (My sister-in-law Jill!  Hi Jill!  Everyone wave to Jill!) mentioned that I am fond of parentheses.  (I know, I didn’t notice that either.) (But she may have a point.)  I also enjoy italics, and CAPITAL LETTERS.  I like to think of my use of them as a written form of gesticulation, speaking !animatedly! in a typed form.  Because that sounds better than, you know, just being a crappy writer.  And did I mention that my home state is Denial?  You should visit sometime, we locals are nice!  (Although if we weren’t, we wouldn’t admit it.  Because that is the beauty of Denial!  Our slogan: “Like reality, only better!”)


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One Comment

  1. Gina replied:

    Your post cracked me up. 🙂
    My kids must be normal because we they pretty much gave me a list like that.

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