Happy Father’s Day!

Gregory, who is three, was indulging his inner yogi the other day and contorting himself in to one odd position after another.  At one point he made something resembling a bridge, and exclaimed “Mommy, look my bridge!”  Except that in his garbled toddlerese (my husband GLEEFULLY pointed out) it sounded precisely like “Mommy, you’re mah bitch!”  And he couldn’t say it once or twice, but more like thirty-six times,  NO DOUBT because Daddy was bent over with hysterical laughter that got more hysterical with each proclamation.  (I was fully expecting him to require CPR by the time he finished convulsing with mirth.)  LUCKILY there were no older children around to wonder what exactly was so funny.


June 15, 2008. Uncategorized.

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