Punctuation tutorial- free of charge. Because I’m nice like that.

My husband’s mother (I will call her “Linda” for anonymity.  And because that is her name.) (What do you mean, that “doesn’t work”?) is an English teacher.  And not just any English teacher, but the worst kind– MIDDLE SCHOOL.  The poor woman is clearly very brave crazy highly overpaid.  [Ed.note- Depending on experience, teachers can make up to four dollars an hour now.  Which is a lot, since teaching forty students at a time all day long seems like it would be horrible torture an under-appreciated chore pretty easy.]

She is smart, and a very good teacher, and said something to her students that resonated with me:  “It’s only a run-on sentence if it’s not punctuated perfectly.”

Now obviously I am not one to get carried away with words but for FUTURE REFERENCE it is good to know that someone who gets paid money to teach English to our future citizens and is an expert in her chosen field said that very (very) long sentences are LEGAL.

(But Jennifer, you said she said “punctuated perfectly.”  Your punctuation looks like it was done by a blindfolded drunken baboon.)

(Oh, hush up)


June 17, 2008. Uncategorized.

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