Official announcement

Some people that I know (my dad) have heard about the bloggers that make $40,000 a month, usually from ads on their site and/or corporate sponsors.  (It’s true!)  Granted, they have been doing it for many years, but philosophically speaking, What Is Time, really?  A mere drop in the bucket of the universe!  And they also have hundreds of thousands of readers every day  but that is not SO much more than, um, three.  And What Are Numbers, really?  Just some strange hieroglyphics Galileo invented in order to play Soduko while perched on his chamber pot.  (He did too.  Did too. didtoodidtoodidtoo Moooooom, the internet is arguing with meee!) (* This brief summer vacation moment brought to you by Ernie’s Excellent Earmuffs.  I will wear you in sweltering heat if you will just drown out the NOISE.)

  So I have decided to BECOME RICH.  That’s right!  You read it here first!  This time next week I will have at least three nannies and a housekeeper.  (Why didn’t I think of this years ago?)  And because I am abundantly generous, I am stating (right now!) that I will give all of my family members a BRAND NEW CAR.  (Oprah totally stole my idea.  So rude of her, I know.)

The cars are actually not quite ready yet, but I will keep you posted.  (Ha ha!  “Posted”!  Blog humor!  Priceless!) (Yes, you read that right.  Mastercard copied off of me TOO.  No one has any scruples anymore.)

          * *This post brought to you by:

Extra Strength Duct Tape– “for children who have gnawed their way out of standard duct tape”

The makers of Prozac  (Valium, are you interested?  Call me.  We’ll do drugs lunch.)

And my favorite book, Organization Is Bad For Your Karma and Makes You Fat.  I highly recommend it.  I would lend it to you but it is buried under one of my many piles of crap.


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One Comment

  1. Emily replied:

    Make that four readers! You’re killing me with laughter so I will bump up your traffic to attract the really good sponsors (ie: cocktails)

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