Camp Drivemecrazy is in FULL SWING

Bonjour, le blog!  How are you doing?  That is so nice.  So, ah, would you mind if I vent a little bit?  What’s that?  You have no control over what I type?  If you did, the content would be way better?  Ha ha!  Ha!  You are too funny!  (What do you mean, “No really.”)

Anyway, I need to express how ADORABLE my children have been the past few days.  SO ADORABLE, stabbing myself in the eyeball with a shard of broken glass sounds relaxing.  Except that would be one more mess I would have to clean up (yogurt, I am TOTALLY GLARING IN YOUR DIRECTION.)  Now not that I am one to complain, (stop laughing) but how many more days until school starts exactly?  The whining and crying and howling and bickering and arguing and fighting and whining and biting (which I thought we were done with, but obviously not) and talking and questions and whining are DRIVING ME INSANE.  To the point (hard to believe) that I lose the power of speech.  Things like “bushaaaarggh!” and “graaaaaah!” come out of my mouth often enough that the kids don’t even look at me oddly anymore. 

(Cleansing breath, Jennifer, cleansing breath!)

It’s okay!  I’m fine!  Don’t worry about me!  Besides!  Next week we go to the beach, and we all know just how relaxing a vacation with FOUR CHILDREN is, right?  Right?!  (whimper)


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