Hello, readers!  All five of you!  An astute observer would notice that number is up from three!  That is because two real live people that are not related to me left comments!  Emily at and Gina at are really nice people with great blogs!  I recently read somewhere that when someone comments, it is good blog manners to email them back.  Unfortunately I was not aware of that when they left their funny messages and so am probably back down to three readers now that I have outrageously offended half of my viewing public.  Go me!

I mentioned last time that I will be on vacation next week.  Since I can feel you VIBRATING with BURNING QUERIES I have decided to utilize a revolutionary Question and Answer format.  Hold on to your hats, people:

1.)  Jennifer, where are you going? 

Cancun, Mexico with my husband’s parents, brother, sister-in-law, and my one-year-old nephew who is SO CUTE I may just squeeze a little lime juice on him and eat him right up

2.)  Is an airline actually going to be foolish enough to let your twin boys, aged three, on an airplane? 

Probably.  Possibly.  Maybe in the cargo hold. 

3.)  Are you apprehensive about taking your evil insane twins on an airplane?

Not at all.  I am confident they will sit still and be quiet.  Also, my name is Fred and my hobbies include badminton and building model railroads.  I think George W. should be allowed to serve a third term as president.  And spiders are “good” because they “eat bugs”.  (Okay, I’m sorry but I can not even pretend that last one is true.  What-the-hell-ever those crazy spider propaganda people claim I KNOW that they are creepy horrible creatures with no redeeming value sent here with the sole purpose of torturing me.)

4.)  Aren’t you concerned that nature lovers will bombard you with hate mail?

I would be, except that out of my whole five readers, I know where three of them live and they know I would not hesitate in dropping off my kids on their front lawn and speeding away. 

5.)  Weren’t these questions supposed to be about your vacation?

Yes.  But I am a “free thinker”.  My creative brain maneuverings are the sign of a highly intelligent mind.  Also I look like a supermodel, except hotter, and my house is clean and organized. 

6.)  Jennifer, you can not POSSIBLY expect us to go seven days without hearing from you?!

Of course not!  I am not a heartless monster!  I will have internet access, and even though it costs approximately seventeen dollars a minute, you are worth it.  Also, since the children will have other people to talk to that aren’t me (THANK GOD) I may even be able to complete an actual thought process and write a concise, witty, smart post!

7.)  That has not happened yet, why would you start now?

Don’t get smart with me, buster.

8.)  The fact that all three to five of your readers are snoring in to their keyboards indicates that they may be out of questions.

I think they were overcome with excitement.  Totally understandable! 

Well I must finish packing for six people.  No pressure!  If I forget something, well, it’s not like we’re leaving the country.  (Crap.)  Oh, and wake up.  Not only am I finished here, but you are drooling on your computer.


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  1. Emily replied:

    Since you totally crack me up, I’ll forgive you (and thanks for the traffic! HA)

    Have fun with vacation! When traveling with small children I find that large doses of coedine cough syrup work wonders for the peace and quiet 😉

    You can give it to the boys or to you – either way you win!

  2. Pat Trigilio replied:

    I never knew I could leave a comment. Wow, at 56, I am still learning things. I can’t wait to hit 100!
    I applaud your guts at taking the kids on the plane. When my kids were younger, we never went anywhere you had to wait over 1 mintue. It is amazing howlong one minute is sometimes!
    You are truly doing a wonderful job on this blog. I have to admit, I haven’t read it all, but the parts I have are very funny, good and very well written. You have a knack!

  3. Flashback! -Cancun Edition « Pinkparachute’s Weblog replied:

    […] theme is our Vacationo Mexicano.  Savvy readers will remember I wrote about it here and here and here […]

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