Okay, this time I’m REALLY back. I swear.

I’m here!  At last!  I made it!  (Although it was close.)  School started yesterday.  Which is good!  Except that getting ready for school to start ON TOP of everything else has been, je ne sais pas, a PAIN IN THE ASS. 

Quick Quiz Question:  How many mothers were stalking the barren school supply aisle of Rite Aid at 8 pm the night before school started?

Answer: Um, that would be a grand total of one.  GUESS WHO.

But!  Hopefully the mad scramble is behind us now, so I can get back to other things, like blogging!  And potty training!  Which is going GREAT!  If “GREAT!” equates to “puddles of urine scattered throughout the house!”  More than a few people have told me that potty training boys is much easier than potty training girls.  To those people, I say COME MEET MY CHILDREN.   But they have to use the toilet someday, right?  I mean, it’s not like they make ADULT diapers, right?!  RIGHT?!

I have missed you all though, and it is nice to be back.  Hopefully I will start writing more than once a month, or whatever it is I’ve been averaging lately.  And I will add pictures!  Well not me, but my technical support staff, who is VERY BUSY with things like working, and surfing the internet, and scratching himself, so I’m not guaranteeing it will be soon.


August 26, 2008. Uncategorized.

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  1. Emily replied:

    HAHAHA We were at Rite Aid at 8p on Sunday too! We were looking so lovely, too, all sweaty straight out of Scottish Country Dance rehearsal! Lucky for us, though, that due to the lack of children in our fair city there was an abundance of supplies awaiting us.

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