I would think of a title, but my computer won’t let me.

You may notice I have no pictures yet.  That is because I am keeping you in suspense!!  That, and my husband hasn’t managed to put any up.  I would do it myself, except that I am TECHNOLOGICALLY INEPT.  I can work a calculator!  But computers, not so much.  I prefer to think of myself as a paper person.  Although I DID manage to learn how to shop online, which may be why our UPS guy rolls his eyes every time he drives by our house.  And I also learned how to cut and paste, which impressed myself!  (No, I’m not joking.)  (No, I’m not joking about not joking.)  But pictures, first you have to get them on to the computer in some mysterious fashion, and then they are all “jpeg2600005”, which isn’t even a word, and then they supposedly jump off of the computer and on to the World Wide Web?  It is craziness, I tell you.  Craziness!

I think I may have issues with Time Management.  Or maybe Child Management, I don’t know.  What I do know is that I can not seem to manage ANYTHING with the kids around.  Like housework, or crafting, or communicating with other people.  (Jennifer is famously known as She Who Does Not Answer Her Telephone.)  Someone logical would suggest I do things after the kids are asleep.  Which would probably work really well, were I not COLLAPSED FACE DOWN AND SNORING IN TO A PUDDLE OF DROOL.  No amount of caffeine can keep my eyes open past 8:25 pm.  It is impossible for me to be conscious, much less FUNCTION. Do you want to hear something funny?  My husband has suggested that some married couples have “intimate relations” in the evenings!  I know, I didn’t believe him either.  Maybe the ones WITHOUT a team of leeches sucking out their lifeblood on a daily basis, who are NOT in a comatose heap at the end of the day.   I reassured him that in twenty years or so things may pick up a bit, but every once in a while he seems a tad irritable.  Go figure!  [Disclaimer: I love my kids, I love being a mother, my life is not as horrible as it feels sounds often sometimes occasionally, so please don’t let me prevent you from cause you to get a tubal ligation.  After all, SOME people have girls.]  [Just joking, kids!  I love you all!  Even when you pee all over the bathroom like you are firemen putting out a fire!]

Children just require so much energy.  If you find some, feel free to mail it to me very soon, as in yesterday.  I will even reimburse your postage.  (Whatever you do, refrain from emailing it- I don’t trust computers.  They will probably try to keep it for themselves.)


August 28, 2008. Uncategorized.

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