Life- feel free to return to “normalish” anytime now…

My poor little Gregory had to get his tonsils out yesterday.  (And adenoids out, and ear tubes put in.)  They were ginormous, and every time he would sleep he would struggle so hard for air that it was painful to watch him.  So although I feel great relief at not having to constantly live in fear of a death by tonsil-smothering, my baby is suffering [sad sigh].  He has been refusing to take ANY medicine that would help the pain, no matter how I hide it or disguise it or add sugar or bribe or coax, so he is miserable.  (He is also refusing to eat or drink, but who really needs to be hydrated, right?)  His identical twin has NO tonsil problems (can anyone out there explain THAT to me?) and can see Gregory is suffering, so naturally he has been poking, bumping, yelling at, whacking, and otherwise continually torturing him.  Because that’s what brothers do.  I feel so helpless and frustrated at my inability to calm his pain that I have been wildly consuming anything containing sugar located within a three mile radius of myself.  (Or anything containing salt.  Or anything vaguely resembling a food product.)  Because that’s what mothers I do.

So the laundry I had almost caught up on- back with a vengeance!  The little boy that was wearing underpants- back in diapers!  A sleep schedule- in shambles!  My waistline- ballooning!  And I am absolutely looking forward to the day that I care about those kinds of things enough to whine and complain with the enthusiasm they deserve!  Because being consumed by a constant state of worry about one of the loves of my life tends to overshadow everything else.  Hopefully this passes quickly, because it’s hurting my heart almost as much as it is hurting his throat (although luckily I can eat Oreo cookies.)


September 4, 2008. Tags: , . Uncategorized.

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  1. Emily replied:

    Good grief, woman! You’ve had your fair share of b.s. lately! I’m sending you my happy (demented) thoughts. Try to work this angle for a trip or something. Hawaii, maybe. I hear they don’t allow children there 😀

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