One of these days…

So perhaps my increase in posting frequency has been… subtle.  Let’s call it a work in progress.

For the past few months I have had a tiny voice in my head nagging at me whenever I would write here, but in this house you have to be LOUD to be heard, so it wasn’t until 4am this morning (when it was actually quiet) that I realized what it had been trying to tell me.  (The old expression, “I can’t even hear myself think”?  NOT AN EXPRESSION.)  Anyway, I feel that for a while now I have been typing the same post over and over again.  The common denominator?  Whining!  And complaining!  Does this sound familiar?

         “Whine whine kids blah blah housework whine whine cranky complain complain twins blah blah I’m tired whine whine laundry.”

Right?  Right?!  It’s true!  Now believe it or not, to talk to me in person, I am not always complaining.  I try to save the griping strictly for my family.  (And friends.)  (And casual acquaintances.)  (And random strangers.)  I think I whine here out of habit now, but am going to try to write about other things again, because I’m getting a little tired of myself.  It is time to stretch my brain muscles!  They have been napping for months!  Possibly longer!  But no more!  (Although, for the record, I did use the word “try”, because if you don’t peel back the wrapper to vent the microwave dinner, it could result in a messy explosion.)  (How’s THAT for an analogy!  I’m back, baby!!  Hey, where are you going?)

I might try to write shorter entries, as they would presumably take less time than my usual ramblings.  I say might, because my brain does not appear to MAKE short sentences.  It may very well refuse to be corralled.  So to recap, hopefully I will be posting more often, and with less whining.  Of course I decided this morning that today should be a ‘low carb’ day, and then had four slices of white toast and a half a bag of tootsie rolls for breakfast.  Let’s call me a BIG GIANT WALKING work in progress.


September 24, 2008. Uncategorized.

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