A leopard can’t change its stripes

After some introspective, ah, introspection I have decided to COMPLETELY DISREGARD what I wrote yesterday.  Everyone needs to vent!  And maybe I’m a little ventier than some, but that’s okay.  To make up crap paraphrase several self-help charlatans gurus, I have to be true to my authentic self.  And if my authentic self likes to complain about things, then who am I to change me?

(It sounds better when they make it up explain it.)

I am still behind on the laundry.

See!  I am authentic.  Also, I am going to pretend that I am merely conveying facts.  Very BORING facts.  That serve no purpose.  (Unless you would like to volunteer to do my laundry.)

So what boring facts should I relay?  I know!  What could be more boring than sleep?  Nothing!  Unless you are me!  Who passionately loves to sleep!  And yet I was (reasonably) nice and uncranky at 2:25 am this morning when Gregory crawled in to my side of the bed.  And I was still fine seven minutes later when Andrew’s twin alarm alerted him to the fact he was alone, and he staggered in.  I was (reasonably) enjoying being pinned down by a little arm, being breathed on by little mouths, when I realized that the alarm clock would disturb them in a few hours anyway, so I may as well attempt to transport them back to their own room.  Andrew was no problem to carry in and (accidentally) dump on his bed (I tripped over the cat) because he sleeps very heavily, like his father (AHEM).  Gregory was awake, so to coax him to sleep I curled up with him in his [toddler] bed, and when he started snoring I began the delicate process of attempting to extricate myself without waking him when I heard crashing and banging in the hallway.  Michael, woken by who-knows-what had stumbled in to my room to realize that Mommy Is Missing!  I led him back to his bed, where he sleepily informed me that his room “is too dark”.  I informed him that it is 3:08 am, so DARN RIGHT IT’S DARK, GO TO SLEEP.  I collapse in to my own bed to discover that I am wide awake.  Which is good, because three minutes later Michael arrives to tell me that his nose is full of boogers(!).  I explain that this is due to seasonal allergies, and that tomorrow night I will give him Benadryl before bed.  LOTS and LOTS of Benadryl.  For EVERYONE.

At last, all is peaceful.  Until 5:25, when Andrew crawls back in to my bed.  (Which is fine!)  And then Gregory bounces in energetically (HOW?!) two minutes later (still fine!)  The very first time I become maybe a teeeeny bit less fine was when I realized that Andrew had woken up due to the fact that he had WET HIS BED, and that now MY BEDDING was soaking wet too.  But that’s okay!  Because if there is one thing I need, it is MORE LAUNDRY.  (I’m not complaining!  Sarcastic maybe, but that is entirely different.)

Well if that wasn’t boring, than I don’t know what is!  Although I’m not sure I am as successful with the whole “shorter posts” thing.  But I am authentic!  And smelly!  Because I spent this time typing instead of showering!  (Oops!)


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  1. Jennifer replied:

    I am very happy to see that some one is as kranky as I am……only you have 2 more reasons to be kranky, so there for you can be twice as kranky as I am. As for the laundry….I had to buy more hangers to put away all of Rileigh’s clothes….and I’m sure that most of it will need to be ironed!!

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