Alexander the Great

We are taking (another) short break from the Wild Wedding Wrap Up (With Pictures!) to commemorate today, the ninth of October.  This is the birth date of Alexander the Great.  No, not the king of Macedonia that conquered the Persian empire in three hundred something b.c.  This Alexander the Great did something FAR BRAVER: he married my mother.

He is actually her third husband, the first was my father, the second was… short-lived.  But Alex is a keeper!  We all love him, especially the twins (“Awex!”).  He is smart enough to be able to work for the government (now that is the funniest sentence I have ever written!), is a jazz musician, plays tennis (as does my mother, although I would rather eat a whole bag of Turtle Chex Mix while reading a magazine and therefore do not understand the appeal), is funny and nice and well-traveled.  How was she so successful in her mate selection this time?  Oh yes, that’s right- I picked him!  And she was smart enough to listen to me!  And will now live happier ever after!  (Unlike some people, who refuse to acknowledge the fact that I AM ALWAYS RIGHT, and are therefore destined to live a life of hardship and misery.)

So Happy Birthday, Alex!  You are a courageous man, and I salute you!  (And for the record, I completely agree with mom when she says her newly emergent menopausal hormones do not affect her outward demeanor.  She is JUST AS CRAZY now as she always was.)  I hope you have a great day filled with carbohydrates and beer, and just remember that I am your favorite step-daughter, and anytime you want to give me money or gifts, or send me to Europe, just let me know and I will make that sacrifice for you because you are worth it.


*And before I get yelled at by my mother, allow me to clarify that by “crazy” I mean “fun and interesting”, not “crazy” like “the rest of our family”.  And by “the rest of our family”, I mean specifically “the ones who do not read my blog”.

Happy Birday Awex!


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