Wedding Wrap Up! (Finally!)

So!  I’ve been busy, but I will tell you how next time, because today is wedding day!  At least, the parts I can currently recall (it gets a little fuzzy towards the end). 

Let us have some introductions!

This is my husband Mike.  He took all of these pictures with our camera.  (Well, not this one.)  He also helpfully pointed out that in this picture my eyes look squinty and mismatched in size.

This is Nina.  (You will hear her name again.)  She, Talia, and I were all good friends in high school.  (Which was not that long ago.  Maybe a couple of years, tops.)

To my right is Cara.  She went to graduate school with Talia.  (They is edjucated.)  Next to her is Talia’s brother Sonny, who got to stand on the bride’s side, but did not have to tromp through gravel in silver high heels.  (Not fair, dude.  Not fair.)

 The wedding was perfect!  The weather was awesome!  No children, and an open bar! 

So the ceremony went well, in a general weddingy way, until her dad started crying.  So of course I start sniffling and snorting and nose-running, and was fully occupied with trying to not end up covered in mascara and watery boogers so that when a bee flew near my cheek, I absently brushed it away.   Except that “brushed it away” was more like SMACKED IT DIRECTLY IN TO CARA’S FACE.  She was pretty fine with it, except for the part where due to multiple stinging traumas, she is TERRIFIED OF BEES.  Which means I was pelting the poor girl with hornets while she was standing in front of a ton of people, a photographer, and a videographer, and therefore could not scream and run away.  (Bridal party duties: Nina- hold bridal bouquet, Sonny- read poem, Cara- provide emotional support, Jennifer- fling stinging insects at innocent bystanders.)

So the ceremony was nice, and special and sweet.  The reception ROCKED!!  The bridesmaids brought the funk.  And we weren’t the only ones!  Talia’s mom TORE OFF HER CLOTHES to “I Will Survive”!  (OK, maybe it was just her jacket, but that’s only because it was still early in the evening.)  She is so much fun that I have officially adopted her.  (Now that I think about it, I’ll take her dad too.  You can never have enough inheritances parents.)



Hi mom and dad!


 I may have had a leeetle wine.  The tequila probably didn’t help either.  Oh, and what is in “Jack Daniels”, exactly?  Rum?  I would like to state for the record that Nina is a VERY GOOD BAD INFLUENCE on me, which is why I will not totally be showing up on her doorstep very soon.

Who does shots of hard liquor at a wedding, anyway?  Oh, that’s right- us.


We were all dancing.  I swear.  I just look like a fool in this particular picture.  (All right, there are many more, but I have my dignity.)  (Not really.  But I like the way it sounds!)


This is the Speshul Day of Steve and Talia.  So where are the posed formal portraits of them?  Or any pictures at all?  We felt that area was best left to the professionals.  That, and Mike was a little lazy with the camera.  Oh, I found one of Steve!


Well, the side of his head anyway.  But it proves he was there!  To the right is the professional.  Hopefully his pictures were a little better.  (Not that Mike’s were bad.  Unless you were the bride or the groom.)

You saw Talia in the armpit picture, so close your eyes and imagine them together.  Good job!  They looked exactly like that!

 ‘Mom’ requested the Piano Picture.  What might that be?  While Talia and Steve were having formal shots taken, some of the bridesmaids were goofing off in another room.  Not me, of course. 


I was going to drape my whole self across the entire piano, but if you will remember, I have my dignity.  (And I ran out of time.)

I am fairly certain I have exceeded some type of length/picture limit here.  So let me sum up by saying I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!  Talia needs to get married more often.  (Of course I’m just joking.  Do you know how expensive weddings are these days?!)


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