I’m a raisin’ me some boob men

The other night the menfolk were watching some television when Mike noticed a bug bite on Andrew’s cheek.  He casually said out loud “it looks like Andrew has a bug bite on his cheek.”  Which meant that instantly everyone had to crowd around and stare at this shocking apparition.  Matthew (who else) helpfully had to add “it looks like a big giant nipple.”  So for the rest of the evening the twins ran around and shrieked at their highest volume (extra extra loud) “BIG GIANT MIPPLE!  BIG GIANT MIPPLE!”  Mike was so proud, I’m pretty sure I saw him wipe away a tear.


October 21, 2008. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Emily replied:

    Oh, Honey, that’s nature – not nurture! Mens is genetically fascinated with the boobages. (Bless them and their simplicity 😀 )

    I have been sooo bad and sooo late in complimenting you on your stupendous mastery of the image function in WordPress!

    Now sssshhhhhh… don’t try to share credit with any boobie-fascinated person who may, or may not, have helped you to accomplish illustrating your posts with pics.

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