Fecal Mortification

Great news!  At 3 and 3/4 years of age, the twins no longer wear diapers!  They don’t poop in their pants, like a baby.  No!  They poop in the mulch at the playground, like a big boy stray dog!  (Which, by the way, was not COMPLETELY HUMILIATING for their mother at all.)  A stray dog with chubby pink buttcheeks!  A stray dog that just may be For Sale Free To Good Home!  Act now, and I will include a FREE BONUS box of Cheerios!  (What a bargain!)

This is probably one of those instances I will look back on someday and laugh about.  Probably.  Although I’m currently thinking it would be A LOT FUNNIER if the perpetrator was to reside elsewhere, say, with a grandparent!  In fact, at last count (including Talia’s mom and dad) there were eight grandparents for these children, so WHERE IS EVERYBODY?  I KNOW YOU ARE OUT THERE.  DO NOT HIDE, WE WILL FIND YOU.

I am not posting pictures of this event.  Because I did not take any.  Because I was hiding behind the sliding board, trying not to weep with shame.

Thankfully, for once this was a solo project.  (The other twin must have been busy.)  I am not going to reveal his identity, in the interests of his privacy and future embarrassment.



October 24, 2008. Uncategorized.

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