I have had a Big Important Post about 82% finished for about 6 days now.  I’m thisclose to being done, but FOUR CHILDREN and HALLOWEEN COSTUMES and HALLOWEEN EVENTS and CLASSROOM VOLUNTEERING and TWINS and HOUSEWORK (ha!) have prevented me from thinking, much less touching the computer, which is not INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING at all.  Oh, and even though some of us are almost four, we have been having these ridiculously wretched tantrums every ten minutes that are sucking the lifeblood out of our mother, who does not understand WHY they are occurring all of a sudden, or WHY THEY ARE NOT GOING AWAY.

(I am relaxed!  I am not stressed!  I do not have a GIANT FRICKING headache!)

I usually not only make the kids’ costumes, but rock out some complicated theme.  (Last year: Michael- Captain Hook, Matthew- Peter Pan, Twins- Lost Boys, Daddy- (oversized, slightly disturbing) Tinkerbell (complete with tights and glitter.)  However, the past few weeks have been so crazy busy I announced that this year, for the first time, we would do generic store bought costumes(!)  The twins are monkeys, and I think their costumes are the first ones we have ever cut price tags off of.  Matthew decided to be a vampire, and asked if I could make his cape.  I figured that would be good, as I could line it with fleece, since it is supposed to be 38 degrees outside.  I was even nice (shocking!) and let him pick out the material for the outside.  I was so relieved that he chose one after an hour of deliberation that I did not notice it was THE MOST SLIPPERY FABRIC EVER MANUFACTURED.  So his “store bought” costume took me about 2 1/2 hours on the sewing machine.  But that’s fine!  Because I purchased two monkey outfits!  From a store!  Michael had planned on being a Pokemon trainer (whaaat?), but after seeing the twins’ costumes, decided to be a gorilla, because THAT would be “easier for me to make”.  Now I can confidently disclose to you that the ONLY thing “easy” about sewing fluffy fake fur is swearing never to do it again.  Guess who is a Pokemon trainer?!  His costume only cost about $60 for clothing and accessories, and 3 hours of sewing a vest and backpack, all so that no one knows what he is, but that’s okay!  Because the twins’ monkey suits came from Target!  So this year was EASY!  (Except that for being easy, it was a giant pain in the ass.)

So anyway, I have a big post coming, filled with not-at-all-exciting-to-anyone-else news!  Which features some AWESOME PEOPLE!  And it’s a surprise!  And HOPEFULLY  I will finish it before THANKSGIVING.  So get ready!  And in the meantime, Happy Halloween!  Or, if you are me, Please Let Halloween Be Over Soon!  (Did I mention the kids are HOME FROM SCHOOL today?  “How much longer now, Mommy?  How bout now?”) 

Oh, and since Mike is not wearing pantyhose this year, he may have extra time to add some Halloween pictures to the computer!  (They take a while to get on and off, you know, especially when you have legs like Chewbacca.)


October 31, 2008. Uncategorized.

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