Happy Birthday to me!

So!  Here is the post that has taken three weeks to write!  I am not going to say why it took so long, I am just going to try to ignore the child having a screaming tantrum on the floor because I will not let him whip his brother with a leather belt like Indiana Jones because I am very unfair like that and ATTEMPT to finish it.  (What was this thing about again?)  I believe I started this on Wednesday, October 29, because my birthday was the 28th.  So PRETEND this is October, and Halloween has not happened, or the election, or anything else I haven’t written about yet.


So yesterday was my birthday!  I am now 26.  Saturday evening my husband surprised me with a birthday party!  And by “surprised” I mean shocked and stunned– my mouth gaped open all night.  I looked like a mentally challenged guppy.  In fact, I hope everyone there enjoyed conversing with one another, because I managed exactly one coherent sentence the whole time (“I can’t believe it!  Really, I can’t believe it!  I can’t believe this!  I just can’t believe it!”)

I’m not sure why everyone made such a big deal about this year, 27 isn’t really a landmark birthday.  (Maybe they were just excited about the lunchmeat platter.)  But with the amazing presents I got this year, I can’t WAIT to see what I get in 5 or 6 years when I turn thirty!

People came!  Lots of people!  Talia’s mom drove from Pennsylvania through a ferocious rainstorm, although what is a torrential downpour when it comes to your favoritest daughter?  (And brought Turtle Chex Mix!  And brownies!  And the Dewey the library cat book I have been dying to read!)  (It’s about a cat!  And the library!  Two of my favorite things!)   My mom (Nanna) gave me chocolate and love and cold hard cash (the sum of which equals a PERFECT PRESENT), my brother and Jill brought my niece Baby Anna (or as the twins call her, “Baby Nanna”), AND a talking waving garden gnome!  (I do love Anna more than the gnome, but it was pretty close.  I have had a gnome fetish for a while, long before it was cool.)  (It is TOO cool.)  Mike’s parents (Grammy and Grampa) gave me a substantial check, AND cleaned up after the party, including trash transport and dishes and sweeping!  [I’m not saying that was the last time all of the dishes have been clean at one time, but, um, it is.]  I am not returning either one of those gifts!  Mike’s brother and his wife brought Baby Will (technically Toddler Will), who let me sneak in a few squeezes and kisses before he noticed what I was doing.  (Thank you, Baby Will!)  Baby Will (and his parents) ALSO gave me a purse- Fossil, with soft navy leather, and buckles, and a moderny print, that Diane said “looked like me”.  Later on my teenaged sister looked up from texting on her cell phone for long enough to say it was “cool” and “young”.  Coincidence?  I THINK NOT.

My Uncle George gave me chocolate and the soundtrack to The Sound of Music (one of my favorite movies!) and the kids danced together to the puppet show yodeling song the next morning for at least 45 minutes, which made the CD worth its weight in gold.  (45 minutes!  Without fighting!)  Talia (who made a carrot cake!) and Steve gave me two Star Trek: The Next Generation movies featuring NONE OTHER than Captain Jean-Luc Picard/Patrick Stewart, the hottest man on the planet!  (Or in space.)  (Ha ha!  Space!  Star Trek humor!)  My sisters gave me Bath & Body Works stuff, including a lavender vanilla spray that promotes sleep.  Hopefully it will work- I’m going to unscrew the nozzle and POUR it over the twins.  If 6 a.m. comes and there are no midgets in my bed I will order a case.  (How does something three feet high take up an entire queen sized bed?)  My dad and stepmom gave me a Coach purse- with pink on it!  (In case you have not noticed, Jennifer is a wee bit fond of pink.)  And they filled it with crumpled one dollar bills, making it perfect for a visit to a seedy male dance revue!  Who can argue with a gift like that?!  Mike Not me!  And they gave me a new floor, but that is a whole ‘nother post. (I am way behind with sharing news.)

Alex, shockingly, did not attend the party.  He tried to use “being in Texas for work” as an excuse, as if, like, airplanes don’t exist or something.  (I know, ridiculous!)  HOWEVER, he did take me to the movies before he left, to see “The Duchess”, and seeing as he sat through not only a chick flick but a costumey historical drama I shall generously forgive his absence.  This time.

Believe it or not, we have no pictures of this occasion.  All we have is a video of me walking in and being surprised.  (Shocked!)  (Stunned!)  I should have said this part at the beginning, but this mess of a post is so disjointed and poorly written already I will throw it in here.  Saturday day I had helped throw a baby shower for a friend, which included making a diaper cake, and thirty favors, and decorations, AND a QUILT for her mother to give her as a shower gift, so in the days leading up to this I had been frantic and distracted and sewing like a fiend, which is another reason I had NO CLUE about the birthday party that was about to take place in my own house.  Anyway, my sister (who also attended the shower) was walking in the door behind me, and in my STATE OF SHOCK (and dismay, as I planned on not taking much note of my birthday this year) I started whacking her with a roll of baby wrapping paper, so I’m thinking that video may not be a very flattering portrayal of myself.  Oh, there is also a video of me blowing out my candles, in which some people act all amazed that I extinguished them all at once but obviously that was not a problem since these lungs were only born in 1983 and so are VERY YOUNG.

Even the kids were good!  We only had one injury (Michael), and that did not even require professional medical attention!  All in all it was a MAGNIFICENT party, filled with FABULOUS people and FABULOUS presents!  (It will surprise exactly no one that I have not managed any thank you notes yet.  Yet!)  I feel so special with everyone taking the time and effort to celebrate me (thank you!), although I suppose a girl only turns 26 twice.  I love you all!


I have pages of pictures and writing to catch up on.  The twins are not currently in preschool (I know, Nanna) and twelve hours of twins tends to hamper one’s brain to the point where the other twelve hours are spent as a vegetable or sleeping, until it starts all over again!  But I will TRY to write and post (and find a preschool, Nanna) very soon!!


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  1. Emily replied:

    Happy Belated!

    Question: is your family looking to adopt adult children? Seriously, I haven’t received a wrapped birthday present in… uh… decades.

    I need to know quickly as mine is just around the corner! 😀

  2. pinkparachute replied:

    Who needs a wrapped birthday present when you have a SHINY HORSE!! http://horseychicken.wordpress.com/2008/10/06/so-freaking-awesome-even-the-child-had-to-admit-she-was-wrong/

  3. Emily replied:

    Ouch. You totally got me.

    BUT… BUT… BUT…. I picked it out and begged for it and found it on eBay and have to rewire it myself!! Was that sufficient back-pedaling? 😛

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