More pictures! And it only took a month!

So remember how I have so much to write about, stuff to catch you up on?  Well, this isn’t it.  (Naturally.)  HOWEVER, I played around with pictures that were already on our computer last night, and thought I would give the lucky people that don’t know me or my children an idea of what we look like.  Or, um, something. 

     This was almost four years ago.  There are two babies in that tummy, about 6 (?) weeks before they entered the world, which has never been the same since.  (Funny story!  You know how my face looks puffy and pregnant?  I had to renew my driver’s licence that month, COMPLETE WITH PHOTO.  So now when I get carded, people peer suspiciously at my picture as if I’m trying to use a fake ID.)  (Okay, that last part is completely fabricated.  BUT I CAN PRETEND.)

This was the first day of school this year.  Not that you can actually see it, as the picture is the size of a postage stamp.  (Oops)

Andrew and Gregory.  They may look happy, but that is only because they are hatching some diabolical scheme.  (That is their favorite hobby.)  

My neice Baby Anna (or Baby Nanna).  Just try to tell me you don’t want to chew on her cuteness.  (Not that I do that.)  (Ha!  OF COURSE I do that!)  I babysat her the other day, and that evening I found a little pink sock on my bed, and it smelled like her!  [Insert dreamy sigh of happiness.]  (Not that I sniff her socks or anything.)  (Ha ha!  I sniff all of her!  I would swallow her with my nostrils if I could!)

Why yes, that IS a superhero!  (Sock boy?)  On a side note, notice how clean my house was!  We must have been expecting company that day.

I have a vast gnome collection.  Drinking glasses, pajamas, magnets, car floor mats… feel free to indulge in some MAD JEALOUSY.

This was taken at the beach house we rented.  Those fake flowers are a not nearly tacky enough for my own personal taste. 

I have real pictures, the RECENT kind, on the camera to show you!  But I do not know how to make them go on to the computer, so they will have to wait.  Also, someone is playing in the sink.  Oh, never mind, now he is climbing on the dining room table.  Pardon my lack of a conclusion, he just found a half-full can of Mountain Dew (that Daddy did not dispose of properly, Daddy, ahem) and I can guarantee caffeine is the LAST thing these two clowns need.


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