Flashback! -Cancun Edition

So!  It is the middle of November- what better time to post vacation pictures!  From July!  Right?!

Okay, so actually I just figured out about, oh, fifteen hours ago that not only do we have pictures on our computer, but also how to use them.  (Exciting!)  And so now I will be boring THRILLING you with events that are not remotely current!

Today’s theme is our Vacationo Mexicano.  Savvy readers will remember I wrote about it here https://pinkparachute.wordpress.com/2008/06/27/vacation/ and here https://pinkparachute.wordpress.com/2008/07/02/vacation-part-2/ and here https://pinkparachute.wordpress.com/2008/07/04/vacation-part-how-should-i-know-im-not-even-sure-what-today-is/ and someonemakeherstopalready here https://pinkparachute.wordpress.com/2008/07/06/vacation-part-its-over-already-stop-being-lazy-and-think-of-a-new-title/  Yes, there is a special fancy way to insert links correctly but I HAVE PICTURES!  How much bloggerly competence do you expect from me at one time?!  Sheesh.  (Speaking of incompetence, be prepared for some weird giant empty spaces.  I can not make them go away.)

Here are all of my kids, in one picture!  (I think.  If I have more than four children, then I don’t want to know.)

Mike thinks the kids should “show him some respect”.   











 Know what happens when you drink the water in Mexico?  You grow flippers











 …or worse.

  What kind of negligent mother would let her child behave like that?







Oh- that kind.

(See the bandage on my thigh?  Nothing says “party in Cancun!” like an abdominal drainage tube.)

Mike was VERY EXCITED to have another woman rub lotion on him. 



Too bad it was his mother.



This is our nephew/cousin Baby Will!


He loves when I hold him.  He is making that face because he is squinting.  Against the sun that is, um, not in his eyes.  On second thought, he is probably laughing at one of my funny jokes



 Here Baby Will swims unsupervised with his delinquent cousins.


Of course I’m joking about him being unsupervised!  He is their first child, so his parents still “care” about his “safety”.  They would never let him, you know, dangle off of pool railings or anything. 



 Here we are relaxing in the room.  Of course, some of us relax with more “flair” than most.

The most impressive part?  I was awake.   

I have many more vacation pictures, but that was probably enough excitement for one day!  Actually, they did help me feel warmer, since I FROZE MY NUTS OFF at the playground this morning.  We were the only ones there, which probably had nothing to do with the fact that it was all of 37 degrees outside.  However, some of us (who are not me) have maniacal monkey energy that must be burned off AT ALL COSTS. 

Last week was parent conferences at the elementary school.  I went to the first one and found out Michael (3rd grade) reads at a middle school level, and is entering the gifted program in English AND math.  That’s right!  I made a genius!  I am the awesomest parent ever!  I sashay down to Matthew’s teacher, who kindly tells me  “He is a really sweetboy.  He can’t do basic adding without using his fingers, and he should have it memorized since we will be doing multiplication soon.  And I can’t usually read his handwriting.  Oh, and he misspells words that are on the chalkboard in front of him.  But he is a really sweet boy!”  Let’s just say my puffy chest deflated slightly, and it’s not because someone punctured the padding in my bra.  Only slightly, because he does have other strengths.  Like talking!  And making stuff up!  Which are the perfect makings of a politician!


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