Flashback!- October Edition

Six weeks ago, I had a really gross living room rug, courtesy of 4 kids and 3 cats.  It had been driving me CRAZY for almost a year, so for my birthday (and just because he loves me) my dad bought and put down a new floor!  It is not real wood, as my children would destroy that faster than a SCHOOL BUS FULL OF FAMISHED TERMITES, but I love it!  I helped him with it, and we had fun.  Here is a picture of my Dad working, and me, um… doing… something:

(No, I’m not pregnant.  Stupid shirt.)

And since the whole room was emptied and torn up, and since my new floor was going to look so pretty, I figured this was a good time to paint EVERYTHING.  This is how I spent the first half of October:

cranky working.  (No, I’m still not pregnant.  Or humpbacked.  I’m working.)  Here is my new floor:

My living room decor aesthetic is “Little People”, with a touch of “Rescue Hero” for contrast.  How do you like my wall faux finish?  Some people call it “spackle”, I say it will be on the cover of the next Pottery Barn catalog.  (Don’t forget that Jennifer is a TREND SETTER.)

So all of that occupied the first two weeks of October, and was followed by the baby shower sewing scramble, and my birthday.  (Is that everything?  Am I forgetting anything?  I could swear there’s more…)

Of COURSE!  Halloween!  With all of the general chaos all month, I did not have a chance to unpack our Halloween decorations this year.  Oddly enough, some of our neighbors mentioned that they liked ours.  At first I was slightly puzzled, as we had not decorated, but I’m assuming they must have been referring to the pumpkins.

Everyone knows that the more kids you have, the more difficult it is to get a good picture of them all.  Did I say “difficult”?  I meant IMPOSSIBLE.  (In fact, I gave up trying three years ago.) 

(Good enough!  At least they are all there!)  That is Grampa (Mike’s dad) holding baby Will a giraffe, and a vampire, a Pokemon trainer, and some crazy monkeys.  No matter how much Matthew protested, the monkeys (to this day) are CERTAIN he was a “vampirate”.  (The room is still under construction.  Of course, having no window treatments helps to highlight the handprint faux finish of the glass.)  (We are stylish people!)

That is all I remember about October.

Hopefully I am finished flashbacking for now, and am back to the present.  That is, until I inevitably remember the stuff I forgot.


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