For once I am not complaining about my children! (Stop looking so shocked.)

More ‘Grandrew’

                   Normally I am the awful kind of mother that, to the chagrin of my kids, insists upon buying cereal with some sort of nutritional value.  Cheerios, Kix, and Frosted mini wheats are the usual, with some (healthy) variety thrown in if it’s on sale.  (Daddy, on the other hand, checks the labels to see which cereal contains the highest amounts of artificial colorings, flavorings, and marshmallows.  And purchases the winner.  Sadly for some, Mom does the bulk of the food shopping.)  I could not resist the other day in the cereal aisle, though, when Andrew and Gregory asked nicely for some Yucky Charms.  I think it is SO CUTE, in fact, that I have not allowed the older two to tell them they are Lucky Charms (even though it is driving Matthew crazy to know something they do not, yet be unable to tell them that he knows something they don’t.)  Yucky Charms!  Since they are my last babies I am hesitant to correct everything they mispronounce, because they get closer to boy than baby every day.  Which is mostly good, but a teeny bit bittersweet, because I LOVE babies.  And toddlers.  And their funny language.

Michael has Legos called Bionicles, which are robot- alien- I’m- not- sure- what creatures that disassemble in to a lot of little pieces.  The twins love to play with these “Barnacles”.  Barnacles!  Oh, and when it is cold outside they need “glubs” for their hands.  Glubs!

I also loved when Michael started kindergarten, and spelled everything phonetically.  His schoolwork was so cute, I was actually a little disappointed when he started spelling correctly.  But even though you lose some things as they grow, other things take their place that make you love your child so acutely you can feel the pressure in your chest. 

After Michael lost his last tooth, he put a note with it under his pillow.  In neat, careful printing it said:

           Dear Tooth Fairy,

                          I hope some day I may see you.  But one thing I’d like to know is why you can’t be seen.  And why last time did you leave my tooth?  Could you give me three dollars tonight?  I really need the money.


                                                                                          Best Wishes,

                                                                                       Michael Hall

When it comes to begging for money, my kids are shameless.  He “really needs the money” for what?  Food?  Do his cruel parents make him pay rent?  Even more important- Pokemon cards.  But “Best Wishes”?!  Of COURSE he got three dollars!

(In case you were wondering, she left the previous tooth because his head was sleeping on top of it.  And she did write back, in silver ink on a little purple paper saying that her magic only works when kids are sleeping.  Because it was late and she was tired and couldn’t think of anything better. )

I love that my kids believe in at least a little magic.  (They are already planning traps for catching a Leprechaun, who always leaves behind candy and green glitter magic dust.)   Matthew explained it to me as “Some people say the Tooth Fairy/Santa/the Easter Bunny aren’t real, but I know they are because you guys wouldn’t just give us money/candy/toys for nothing.” [insert 13-year-old girl head-bobbling attitude here]  Well naturally Matthew, because we are (say it with me now!) SO MEAN.  Except for when I do purchase candy/ice pops/toys/Yucky Charms, but those times don’t count, because they are not, you know, ALL the time.  (Or whenever Matthew specifies, and trust me, that is ALL THE TIME.)


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  1. Jenn replied:

    Really do I have to become a little green guy now!!! Cause you know I can’t risk your kids finding out there is no little green guy when my kids say “what do you mean you got candy!?!?!”

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