It is business as usual here

So, I figure I would write something sort of nice, so everyone is not all “wow, all she does is whine and bitch about her kids” and someone [my husband Mike] read it and said, and I quote, “it was okay, but kind of sappy.”  SAPPY.  So a thousand apologies to anyone who SUFFERED through my CLOYING SAP.

Ha ha!  Just kidding!  I don’t apologize.  In fact, Matthew wrote this at school yesterday:

“The Amazon has at least 80 cindes of monkes!”  “Blue frogs get poisonis from the poisonis ants thay eat and the bright blue stands out to prediders so don’t touch blue forgs!”  (I don’t know what is cuter, the spelling, or the enthusiastic exclamation points that end all of his sentences.)

On the way to school this morning Matthew told Andrew (and I HAVE NO IDEA where this came from) “You should get a beard, ladies love them!”  So on the way home Andrew used a pen to draw a beard on his leg (?) and proudly announced “Babies love me!” 

Funny, right!  Don’t get too concerned about their rampant adorableness.  We have been home for twenty minutes and they already dumped cereal on the floor, whiiined because of, well, EVERYTHING, and chased each other while threatening to “kick you in the face!”  Oh, and broke the lid to a toy bin.  And threw a can of Spaghettios when informed that 9:18 am is not, in fact, lunchtime.  NO ONE HERE will be drowning in sap any time soon.


March 10, 2009. Uncategorized.

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