First day of school for Michael and Matthew!

Today was the first day of school.  I kept singing ‘Celebration’ by Kool and the Gang.  At the “Wahoo!” part I would throw my hands in the air.  Matthew said “Mom, you’re weird”, so I stopped.

Ha ha!  Just kidding!  I sang LOUDER!  (It’s the first day of school!) (WAHOO!)The twins had a busy day too- we went to the zoo!  A little local zoo, full of moms with strollers and sippy cups and playdates and momfriends and normal children.  There was a turkey roaming around, and one of the normal moms said to her normal kid “Don’t get too close, honey- he could bite.”  (And her kid listened!)  The next thing I see is Andrew running up to the turkey and YANKING OUT ONE OF ITS TAIL FEATHERS.  The normal moms all shared expressions of horror- that poor turkey got molested!  And that poor child could have been pecked to death!  Where was that kid’s mother?!  And then Gregory came charging out of nowhere at a nearby flock of turkeys, waving his arms around and screeching like a wild Indian as the turkeys scattered, squawking for their lives, and I could see the mothers’ sympathies siding firmly with Thanksgiving dinner so we made a quick exit to the monkey cages.  So that we could hang with our kind of… mammals.  (Get it?  Hang?!  Ha ha!)(Before the, ah, incident.)

The gerbils are fitting in to the household well!  I put a little straw house in their cage for them to sleep in, and Hamster spent hours disassembling it with his teeth.  Which is something that I CAN TOTALLY SEE THE TWINS DOING.That is all for now, but I have some EXCITING TWIN NEWS coming in the next post (it rhymes with shmeschool!)  I will leave you with a relaxing picture of them at rest-(Well at least the Power Rangers are calm.)


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