The internet pooped on me

So the other day I needed to send an e-card (yes, Alex, this is all your fault) and was irritating me so I googled “free e-cards”.  I picked one and selected a card, which I could not send until I installed or downloaded or something some, uh, stuff or whatever.  The important part was that they seemed really nice and they SWORE they had no spyware or viruses or, you know, bad stuff.  And they were really, really nice!  Except that they LIED.  It took Mike TWO DAYS to make the computer work again.  I was very upset, because breaking my computer after promising they wouldn’t was just NOT VERY FRIENDLY.  And, apparently, illegal.  That’s right- illegal!  It is both impolite AND illegal (!) to give an innocent, trusting, unsuspecting individual spyware and/or viruses.  Except that when I asked who was in charge of the internet (in order to pursue justice!) Mike said NO ONE IS.  Something about it being “too big” to have a President or CEO or Officer of Internet Relations.  TALK ABOUT POOR DESIGN!  Don’t worry, I couldn’t believe it either.

Have you seen the car window decorations that resemble a half of a golf ball, surrounded by vinyl printed to resemble shattered glass?  As in “Oh, no, a golf ball broke my car window and also happened to get stuck in the glass”?  Well I saw one with a football today.  The pointy end of the football, protruding from the bottom middle of the car’s back window. All I could think was that it looked exactly like the car was POOPING, which may not have been quite the effect they were going for.


October 12, 2009. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Awex replied:

    I’m sooooo sorry to hear about your internet troubles Jennifer ! I appreciated the b’day e-card…..luckily, I didn’t use MY personal computer to view it…..the internet is friendly like that 🙂


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