A short Halloween post. Or maybe “fun-sized”!

I’m sorry, blog.  I have been cheating on you.  With facebook.  I didn’t intend to!  It is just so quick and easy to hop around people’s pages, leaving smart-assed comments behind me.  A trail of smart-assery, if you will.  Writing on you just takes time, because once I start rambling it takes me a while to stop, but just remember that’s not your fault, and try not to feel too slighted.  It is nice to communicate with other people, though.  Please don’t take this the wrong way, but sometimes this relationship feels a little one-sided.  I’m not dumping you, I PROMISE.  It’s just a fling.

So- Halloween!  Michael asked me if I knew where to get a good costume, not, AND I QUOTE, “a mom-made one.”  And even worse?  All I felt upon hearing these words was an overwhelming sense of relief.  A release from feeling guilty about not feeling guilty enough in the first place!  So what popular licensed plastic character did he want to be?  A spider.  Not spiderman, one of the popular costume aisle staples, but a spider.  There were no spider costumes to be purchased at Target, so mom got ALL SMART and bought a giant black spider to perch on his back (that blended in to his black sweatsuit to become invisible) and spiderwebs (that got messed up as soon as he touched them with his black gloves, which was as they were going on) and so it was pretty much SORRY DUDE, MAYBE NEXT YEAR.  Matthew was Snake Eyes, from G.I.Joe, even though he is not old enough to watch the new movie, and the twins were the perennial favorite Power Rangers (ninja moves abound!) DSC03235 DSC03231 They brought big momma a good bit of sugar.  (Big momma finished it.) DSC03251 DSC03246 Yes, Alex is trying to snatch the candy out of their little fingers.  I couldn’t believe it either- how dare he steal my our candy?!  Since he helped out with getting the four BURSTING AT THE SEAMS WITH EXCITEMENT boys ready, I let it slide.  (Well that, and the fact that he didn’t touch my peanut butter cups.)


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