I am not dead.

I swear.  And I haven’t been on facebook either.  I have not really been on the computer at all.  Partly because life has been a little… complicated lately.  And partly because I didn’t feel like it.  And also my brain was lazy.  (And that last part still holds true, so this is not an actual post, just a confirmation of my continued existence.)

The kids are fine, they had a nice Christmas, which is (thankfully) over.  I could not get in to Christmas this year.  Any thoughts of gifts or decorations or carols made me want to curl up next to a groundhog and nap until whenever it is they nap until, which I can’t remember right now, but is definitely after Christmas.  (On a side note, I did get a pair of those sneakers that look like moon boots that are supposed to tone your buttocks just by wearing them.  I find this very exciting,  because although I would love an ass that resembles a pair of perky grapefruits I have absolutely no interest in actually exercising.  Unfortunately it appears that sleeping in them does not quite cut it, one has to walk around to see any benefit, but not outside, unless one wants to be ridiculed for wearing moon boots.  Any normal person would be rolling their eyes at this nonsense, but I’m PRETTY SURE it’s apparent by now that I do not fall into the “normal” category, and will therefore be tromping through piles of legos and marble tracks in my moon boot sneakers.)

Since this is not an actual post, I am ignoring generally accepted writing practices and randomly switching to a completely unrelated topic.  You may (not at all since it’s been so long) recall me saying in my last (I think) entry that I received some of the best birthday gifts ever this year, but at the time couldn’t say what they were.  So!  A few days before my birthday I met my best friend (since high school, which was not that long ago) for dinner, and she told me she is pregnant (!!!) with her first baby!  I was so happy I practically floated home.  Then, a few days later on my actual birthday I babysat Anna (my niece/favoritest person in whole world) and when my brother and Jill came to pick her up they brought an ultrasound picture (!!!!) with them!  That had a baby on it!  We’re pregnant!  (Okay, technically she’s pregnant, but I am both VERY EXCITED, and have editorial control here.)  So I got two babies for my birthday!  (They won’t actually be delivered until springtime, but I can wait patiently wait.)  As far as birthdays go, that was pretty untoppable.  Which appears to have not been a word before now.  (Don’t worry, I made it one.  Like the captain on Star Trek, I nodded authoritatively and told my computer “Make it so.”)

That is all for the moment.  Now that I have remembered my password (oops!) I will hopefully be around more.  Not that I will be writing anything cohesive, or intelligent, or remotely entertaining, but I had forgotten how nice it felt to write (even if it’s crap.)  Not to mention I am really tired of creating variations of “I’m still alive” as titles.


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