My baby’s birthday

Michael turned ten today, although how that is possible, I just don’t know.  I’m fairly certain his birth certificate was tampered with.  Or something.  Because ten is, like, double digits.  And there is NO WAY my baby can be in double digits, even if he is just about as tall as I am.

Michael loves Garfield books, so I made a Garfield cake.  I hope it looks good AWESOME!  Because it took me so long to decorate that I did not get to shower or brush my hair (although my questionable time management skills might possibly have been a factor), which is a valid reason as to why cake decoration should be left to professionals.  (That, and it is messy.  Frosting was everywhere.)

I have the most amazing child.  He got an MP3 player, a DSi, and a video recorder gadget, and guess what he played with after everyone left?  His new checkers set!  (Although he did try to smuggle his DSi in to his bed by hiding it in his pajama pants leg.)

My dad and stepmom brought Silly String for the boys!  If I ever invite them back, rest assured they WILL be frisked before entering the premises.

(Our babysitter Rachel, Aunt Brandi, and her boyfriend Justin, having “fun”.)

Happy birthday, Michael!  Thank you for ten many years of love!


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