The more upset I am, the longer my sentences get (I find words comforting) (Yes, I’m odd, but we knew THAT already)

So!  The other day I wrote about a development in my personal life.  Although I made a conscious effort to go in to no detail of any sort on the matter, someone was offended.  In order to placate the offended party, I have temporarily removed the post until the legal proceedings currently underway are complete.  At first I was unsettled by the thought of having to censor my writing in what I consider to be my private space, especially since reading anything I write here is a personal decision the reader consciously makes, however after some thought on the matter I decided it is fair to write only about myself and exclude those that wish to be excluded.

I was slightly bewildered by the assertion I received in reference to the lighthearted manner in which I wrote about the above subject.  In my last post I talked about my uncle, who recently died.  Because of the funny, generous, amazing person he was, and the fact that cancer killed him in what should have been the prime of his life, (and I just miss him), his death caused a crushing sadness in me.  And yet how did I memorialize him here?  DONUTS AND A STICK SHIFT.  For a lot of people, humor is a way of coping with the difficulties of life.  Unfortunately, some people think the definition of “humor” is the amount of water vapor present in the air.  I might suggest that if you happen to be one of those people, you may be more comfortable reading something else.  Perhaps a weather forecast.  (Just a suggestion.)

One of several reasons why I wrote about that particular life development was to avoid that murky area where some people know something, some people know nothing, some might know something, some people start talking, other people start talking, and next thing you know it SNOWBALLS in to gossip and rumors and confusion.  I was hoping to keep it straightforward, just state the simple fact as it is, and hopefully avoid any drama.  HA!  “Avoid drama?”  Now THAT’S funny!  I would expand upon the many reasons why I find that incredibly amusing, but I am no longer able to document them here.  Instead you can guess!  Or just make some up!  And go tell people!  So that they can tell people!  Until everybody knows about the thing that some people knew but the others didn’t until they told them what they heard from the first people who knew what they thought they heard!  (Wow, that sounds like fun!  I hope someone tells me!)


February 10, 2010. Uncategorized.

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