…it’s been a little while!  Summer “vacation” (who came up with THAT name for it, I’d like to know) was crazy, but that was fine, because after the kids went back to school I’d have LOADS of time to write.  Right?!

Not so much.  The twins are in kindergarten all day now, and so I decided (at the very last minute, naturally) to go back  to school for my nursing assistant certification.  It is an intensive class, insanely stressful, with weekend clinicals, and so I have been even more distracted and anxious and disorganized than I was before they went back to school.  GO FIGURE.  In fact, I shouldn’t be typing this right now, but rather studying chapter 22 (The Integumentary System!), but the stress is starting to make me a little crazay, so hopefully a few run-on sentences here will prevent me from finding another outlet for my tension, like driving around and smashing random mailboxes, because I JUST DON’T CURRENTLY HAVE THE TIME FOR THAT SORT OF BEHAVIOR.  (Not to mention I’m a college student now, and we’re too mature for that kind of thing, you know.)  (Don’t worry, that sentence made me laugh out loud too.  Or “lol”, as the young people say it.  Which makes me think of a pig, lolling about in the mud, and so I’m compelled to spell out “laugh out loud”, even when texting, which to the untrained eye might appear to be something that someone who is not young might do, but I assure you I am still very immature young.  I’m in COLLEGE, you know.  We’re too mature for mailbox smashing, but we’re not old.)  (Shut up.)

For months I’ve been scribbling down funny things the kids have said/done on scrap paper to write about here, which I then lose, and occasionally find, only to discover them completely illegible.  So I’ll most likely be posting pictures instead, if I remembered to take any.  Either way, I’m out of time now, but will try not to wait another 6 months before concocting some more grammatically suspicious run-on sentences.


October 18, 2010. Uncategorized.

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