About Me (random list of educational facts)

My name is Jennifer.

I have  four boy children (13, 11, 8, 8).

I am in my mid to later twenties, I will let you know if and when I decide I am ready to be thirty. [Updated–  Okay, I might be thirty now. Ish. Thirtyish.]

My skin can be oily and flaky at the same time. (How?)

My hair is not wavy enough to be wavy, or straight enough to be straight.  (Yes, between my skin and my hair I sometimes resemble a science project.)

I have 14,000 pounds of craft supplies.  I love to paint, sew, embroider, make jewelery, draw, and crochet, to name a few.  I have not actually completed a project in about, I don’t know, three and a half years.

(One of these days!)  (Maybe.)

I love sugar and carbohydrates far, far too much.

Biggest shock of life so far- two blobs on the ultrasound.  (In fact, I still haven’t recovered.)

I enjoy writing, but am terrified by the thought of unknown grammatical errors.  If one glares at you, feel free to share.  Write to contactpinkparachute@gmail.com and say “You are a moron.”  I promise to take no offense.

You can also use that email address to sent me a lucrative book offer.  Not that I have anything to write about, or any time to write it.  Maybe you should just mail me the money.

Thank you for reading this!  You are either a really nice person with excellent taste, or you desperately need a hobby.  (We will go with the former.)



  1. Pat Trigilio replied:

    I keep checking your blog…..how are you doing these days?

  2. pleasepassthesalt replied:

    i love your blog
    just thought id share that with you

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