Nothing exciting. (Unlike everything else I write, which is THRILLING)

I actually listed a couple of things in my Etsy shop!  It has been empty for about, oh, two years now.  The twins are old enough now that I can sew again!  Well, kind of sew.  Maybe a seam per hour.  (A good hour.)  Of course the house is worse than usual and I fed them a whole box of ice pops in one sitting to keep them occupied (coloring did not work) (nor did legos), but one must make SACRIFICES for Art, you know.

The link to my shop is to the right.  To spare you the trouble of having to purchase something I will generously allow you to just send me wads of money.  (You’re welcome!)

We were at the playground and Gregory climbed to the top of a big dome-shaped jungle gym.  He was so proud of himself!  And then realized he had to get down.   After some consideration he announced “Whew, Mommy, this is hard.  I have to use my Kung Fu skills.”

(His “skills” consisted of letting go and falling bum-first in the mulch.  Simple, yet effective!)


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I’ve been busy

I have lots of stuff to write about later (Michael’s baseball championship game-winning run!) but for now, a few quick pictures…Michael- very busy

Daddy and boys- VERY BUSY.  (I made the fort out of outdoor fabric, grommets, and yarn.  High tech!)

Andrew and Gregory- Clearly VERY BUSYGregory- nuts BEAUTIFUL

And guess what!  Our town held a parade in my honor!  Luckily it happened to be on the fourth of July so everyone had off of work and could come.From right to left: cub scout, Michael, cub scout, Matthew, me!, and some other people I was nice enough to let in my parade.

(Two of my biggest fans)

That is all for now.  My house is DISGUSTING and Gregory is having a meltdown and my brain hurts from this dumb computer, probably because it is out of practice because I never use it  (You have 126 new emails!)  But it is hard to think when I’m REFEREEING four kids at once, or sleeping.  Which is about all I have been doing lately, except for when I am being a cafeteria lady, which is just most of the time (these boys eat A LOT), in which case I have to shovel out food while breaking up brawls.  Which can get tricky seeing as I only have two hands, two feet, a loud growl and an evil eye, which sounds like a lot, until I am walking and holding plates full of ketchup (Gregory’s favorite food) and no one is noticing my evil eye and my growling is drowned out by the battle cries.

One more note for the Matthew files:  We went to see Night at the Museum 2, which I loved because it was HYSTERICAL and want to see it again without children distracting the crap out of me but anyway afterwards Matthew asked me what my favorite part was.  I said General Custer (as in Custer’s Last Stand, battle at Little Bighorn in 1876, had a big mustache, that one).  Or so I thought…

[massive eyeroll] [heaving sigh] ” His name was General CLUSTER.”  (Duh, mom)

So I’m just letting everybody know that there might be a few history books out there that need their spelling corrected.  (Unless you would like to argue with Matthew.  I know better.)

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